Public Workshops Try Clipper Downtown Terminal Expansion Project Draft EIR/EIS Released

Alameda Residents and Ferry Riders: San Francisco Bay Ferry and the City of Alameda will be studying ways to improve customer access to the Gateway Alameda (Main Street) and Harbor Bay ferry terminals. Both the Alameda/ Oakland and Harbor Bay ferry services have experienced a surge in ridership, which has resulted in full or near-full parking lots and a shortage of space available on board ferry vessels. To address these issues, a study will be prepared to identify and analyze ways to improve parking, drop-off, bicycle, bus, shuttle, and walking access to each terminal. In addition, schedule enhancements for each service are being planned for the upcoming spring and summer seasons.


To kick off the study, public workshops near each terminal have been scheduled to solicit input and ideas from Alameda residents and ferry riders alike. Read more here...



The Clipper fare payment card is available on both the Alameda/ Oakland and Harbor Bay to San Francisco services as well as on the Alameda/Oakland to South San Francisco route!



Read more about SFBF fare options here or see our Clipper Card FAQs for riders.



The FTA and WETA have prepared a Draft EIS/EIR to address the environmental effects of the proposed Downtown San Francisco Ferry Terminal Expansion Project improvements. These agencies have prepared the Draft EIS/EIR in accordance with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) of 1969 and the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) of 1970 as well as implementing regulations and agency guidelines. The FTA is the NEPA lead agency, and WETA is the CEQA lead agency.


Read the full Notice of Availability or download the Draft EIR/EIS on the Downtown San Francisco Ferry Terminal Expansion Project Environmental Review page.